enable disqus comment for jekyll website

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It is fairly simple to enable disqus for jekyll.

  • First you need to register an account in disqus, then you need to setup disqus for your webiste in disqus’ web admin ui
  • From the setup admin ui, you will be asked to choose a unique disqus URL for your website. This is the URL will be embedded to your website for commeting. So pleae remember this URL.
  • Add the short unique name in your disqus URL to your jekyll _config.yml file. For example, if your disqus URL is mycoolblog.disqus.com, then mycoolblog is the id you need to configure in jekyll.
disqus: mycoolblog


Disqus comment is not enabled by default in jekyll. To enable it, add comments=true in your post header.

comments: true

If you look at the post.html file in layouts folder, it is really straightforward how the flags are checked:

if site.disqus and page.comments
    include disqus.html