Notes of Synolog NAS configuration

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Setup package manager

Entware is the recommended package manager on Synology NAS. And this link actually uses an ansible script to automate the installation, which I should actually try!

use this script to determine the architecture of the NAS:

printf "\nProcessor:   "; \
cat /proc/cpuinfo | \
grep "model name" | \
grep "[^:]*$" -o  | \
uniq; \
printf "Architecture: "; \
uname -m; \
printf "\n"

Setup ssh login

What’s tricky is really the permissions you need to change:

admin@syno$ chmod700 .ssh
admin@syno$ chmod 644 .ssh/authorized_keys
admin@syno$ chmod 755 /var/services/homes/admin

Setup Git Server

It’s easy to install the git server using package center. What could be tricky is to setup the user access:

  • create a user named as git from control panel.
  • grant git access in the git server (by opening the git server from installed packages in package center)
  • also make sure a user folder is created for the git user, which can be done in Control Panel -> Users -> Advanced -> Enable user home service
  • ssh to the synology server and create a git-shell-commands folder under ~git, e.g. mkdir ~git/git-shell-commands
  • If a custom ssh port is used, you need to use the following git command to specify the ssh port:
    • git clone ssh://[port]/gitrepo

Note I have run into issues related to the ssh access for the git user. And I find using the admin user seems the easiest to do (though definitely not a best practice to do, especially not feasible if there are multiple users)

Refer: Setting Up a Git Server On a Network Access Storage (NAS)

Enable Rsync

By default, rsync is not enabled in synology DSM. To turn it on, navigate to Control Panel -> File Station -> rsync

More details can be found in the following link: