My cheatsheet as a developer

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This will be a summary about tools, commands, useful links that help me in my day to day life. And it will be kept updating..


Transimission common commands

And the location of the settings.json => /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json


Make sure you stop the daemon first before you make any modification to the setting file.

#restart transimission-daemon
service transmission-daemon start
service transmission-daemon stop
service transmission-daemon restart

Useful resources for Web Developers

IE Test VMs Download them using curl:

# IE7 - Vista
curl -O ""

# IE8 - XP
curl -O ""

# IE9 - Win7
curl -O "{1.sfx,2.rar,3.rar,4.rar,5.rar}"

# IE10 - Win8
curl -O "{1.sfx,2.rar,3.rar}"

# IE11 - Win8
curl -O ""

# Edge - Win10
curl -O ""

Tips To extract a sfx file:

chmod +x abc.sfx

Vagrant boxes from

Official links can be found modernIE on

  • XP with IE6:
  • XP with IE8:
  • Vista with IE7:
  • Windows 7 with IE8:
  • Windows 7 with IE9:
  • Windows 7 with IE10:
  • Windows 7 with IE11:
  • Windows 8 with IE10:
  • Windows 8.1 with IE11:

To import a vagrant box file:

$ vagrant box add {title} {url} # vagrant box add win7ie11
$ vagrant init {title} # vagrant init win7ue11
$ vagrant up
# start the rdp client
$ vagrant rdp

Vagrant file to provison the modernIE vm

User name and Password:

  • username = “IEUser”
  • password = “Passw0rd!”

Setup your mac with brew and brew cask

brew and brew cask are really really nice tool for a developer to automate the installation and configuration of your mac environment.

There are many articles talking about how to do this. This link is helpful as a start: Setup Mac OS X

Graphviz Online Drawing