rake command conflicts with zsh

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I am using zsh as my default shell. However, when I tried to use rake command to create new post (The Rakefile is cloned from [jekyll rake files] (https://github.com/avillafiorita/jekyll-rakefile)). e.g.

rake create_post[, 'my new post']

However, when I run this command in zsh, it always throws some errors.

zsh: bad pattern: create_post[,

After a bit of Google search, I found I am not alone. And here is a blog How To Use Arguments In a Rake Task for rescue. Basically what need to do is: Add the following option in your .zshrc file:

unsetopt nomatch

And then, you can do this in termal:

rake create_post\[, 'my new post']

Also try to record some of the jekyll commands here for later reference:

# start the preview server
bundle exec jekyll server