vscode with vim

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Begin to use this blog to take some quick notes that I may need to find later.

I have been using vscode for debugging my nodejs code for quite a while. It is really handy and also completely free! However, I just don’t use it for writing code, primarily because I am so used to use the vim key binding, which I configured for almost all of my editors - sublime, eclipse, atom, etc.

I happen to run a search today and found that vscode now supports extension, and there are actually couple of vim extensions available now! I tried to install some of them. Most seems are still quite simple and don’t provide sufficient functions for your daily usage. I think it’s probably need some time for developers to catch up, because the extension support is just enabled not long ago. The only one that seems to work well is amVim amVim for vscode It pretty much has the basic functions that I need, so I can begin to use vscode to write code then!