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Third-party cookies and P3P

2 minute read

This is to keep a note about some cookie related problems I recently ran into. It’s pretty much IE related..

Calculate time difference in Excel

less than 1 minute read

I need to analyze some logs produced in our application, which involves a lot of time calculation. And I think Excel is a good tool to help me calculate the ...

unexpected token error with Angular2

less than 1 minute read

I was playing with Angular2 recently and it has been a quite enjoyful expeirence, until I ran into the ‘unexpected token <’ error:

my own vim memo

1 minute read

This post just tries to summarize some frequently used vim commands that I can not remember (which is unforuante):

keyboard shortcuts for bash

1 minute read

As a developer, command line is my good friend and I spend a lot of time on it every day. It is always important to be efficient on what you do a lot! This p...